Saturday, June 27, 2015


I have been on Twitter for 3 days now. It has been life changing. I am learning to navigate Twitter- I have now figured out Tweetdeck! I am connected to a huge technology conference #ISTE2015 and found some ideas regarding the use of a blog for each of my students. This may not sound life changing, especially for those who are more techie than me. But.......after 30 years in the classroom, I feel like I am back where I was in my first few years of teaching. I am excited. New ideas, new material to learn and I am connected with experts who can help. My students will benefit, and I will continue my life long journey of learning. The real fun begins when I can apply my learning to my classroom in the fall. Watch out, kids! Some toad-ally awesome learning has happened with your teacher and she is not afraid to use this learning on you!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thinking Places

Starting a blog for the first time. Have an accountability partner so I make sure I post at least once a month. We are supposed to start in August, but the over achiever in me wants to start now!


I love summer. It gives me time to slow down, learn, and reflect. My district just gave an amazing staff development centered around technology. #MISDConverge I learned so much and subsequently decided to step out of the comfort zone to start a Twitter account for my class/professional connections AND a blog!

This morning, while walking my dog #ThinkingPlace, I was reflecting. While reflecting, somehow the idea hit- #ThinkingPlaces. Everyone, including kids have special places where ideas and reflections happen. This is NOT just the classroom. My best thinking happens in places away from the classroom. This would be why I stopped bringing home papers to grade. I am not free to think and reflect when I feel overwhelmed with papers to read.

What about you? Where are your #ThinkingPlaces? Wouldn't it be great for everyone to post photos of their #ThinkingPlaces? I bet when I see the photos of next year's students' #ThinkingPlaces, it will give me great insights to my students as a learner, person, and leader. It will allow me to peak inside their world and create learning environments which would encourage radical thinking and learning.