Monday, July 13, 2015

Self Assessment

Just finished cleaning my closet. It took a massive amount of self assessment. Nobody could tell me exactly what the closet should look like when it was finished. There was no teacher to ask, "Is this good?". My mom was not around for me to say, "Do you think I did a good job?" My husband would tell me "It looks a lot better than yesterday!" but, is that really a good assessment of what I did? After all, I had 7 bags of donations, I can now find every piece of jewelry I own, and I know where to find last year's tax documentation. How do I know I did a "good" job? Is my closet cleaning finished? Is there something more I can do to improve? Who could I turn to for answers?

Students face this same problem. Often, they slap something down on the paper and run up to the teacher for a critique. Students want an answer and to be finished so they can move forward or not have homework. Is this learning? It is said the single most important thing a student can do to grow is to be able to self assess. We must teach them how to critically look at their work and the work of others. How do we do this? Stay tuned.......

By the way- the closet is not finished; however, I do feel better starting my school year now that I know I need to purchase. I am not sure if and when my closet will ever be complete- maybe we should just say it's a work in progress indefinitly!

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